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Equine Touchstone

There’s not quite a comparable feeling as art that stops you dead in your tracks. Its as if the very soul of the piece leaps out and resonates at some insanely intoxicating level. You have to have it. Kimerlee Curyl’s equine photography did just that when I stumbled upon her piece “Sacred,” showing at the Autry Museum in Burbank, CA. It hit the very essence of a more simple and free life, a touchstone to nature.

Dedicated to helping save wild mustangs and burros from slaughter partial proceeds of all Kimerlee Curyl artwork has gone to facilitate her belief of educating through the art of awareness and has provided a safe haven for nearly 200 of these beautiful creatures so far.

“Upon their backs we conquered this land. by holding their mane ad riding the spirit of there hearts. These majestic souls are a vital piece of our cultural heritage, they are our living history. To lose them would be a tragically irresponsible disrespect to our past, present and future” – Kimerlee Cury

I couldn’t agree more.

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