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Design Pro Business Builder

The 10 week Master E-Class

Course starts April 2nd, 2012

Registration NOW OPEN!  OPEN from Wednesday March 21, 2012 through Friday March 23, 2012


I want to help you stop spending 7 hours on a job and only billing for 2.

I want to help you to stop being fearful of never finding good paying clients, and move away from doing free work and instead communicate your value and sell your ideas.

I want to help you build a solid interior design business from start to finish and be strategic about using the tools set forth to achieve your objectives. 

Registration Opens Wednesday March 21st-23rd

Intensive multi media based ecourse composed of rich content, webinars, weekly assignments, business coaching, word for word scripts to follow in a p i n c h , interviews, and Q+A Sessions

This intensive 10 week course is about becoming crystal clear on what you want in your business and have a fully functioning design business up and running by the end of 10 weeks. 

This 10 week intensive program is outlined to conquer the following:

• Business Goals and planning for your year
• Finding you niche and Building you brand specifically tailored to your clients
• Finding your clients when your newer to the industry and building a solid base
• Building your personalized marketing plan and building your website so it hooks the clients
• Your promotional package, What every client should get before, during and after your initial      meeting

• Pricing Design fees vs hourly rates and when to use them

• Estimating your value, time, and pricing correctly so you make an actual profit
• Walking thru the door and nailing it
• Setting your scope of work in an attractive way that clients respond to
• Understanding clients buy on emotion and learning how to sell value and remedies not products
• Who is really your client and how to spot warning signs
• What every client needs to hear and why they hired you 


$975, or 3 payments of $345

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